Live Online Event from Info-SUMMIT 2015

Open The Floodgates:
Discover the Hottest, Most Powerful Methods for Generating  a Never Ending Gusher of Qualified Leads

Dave Dee

GKIC’s Chief Marketing Strategist
Dave Dee
Will Cut Through the Noise
to Reveal Specific “Take ‘Em To The Bank” Lead Generation Strategies During this One-Time Only,
Online Video Seminar LIVE From Info-SUMMIT. 



Friday, November 6th

  • NOON - 1:30PM Eastern
  • 11:00AM - 12:30PM Central
  • 10:00AM - 11:30AM Mountain
  • 9:00AM - 10:30 AM Pacific

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So Mark Your Calendars, Save Your Seat, and Make CERTAIN You’re There

I Want a Gusher of Qualified Traffic. Save Me A Spot NOW!

Imagine what it would feel like to never again struggle with trying to figure out "the best way" to attract just the right customer, client, or patient to go to your website, call your office, or walk through your doors.
Imagine never having to worry about lead generation - no confusion, no "info-overload" - everything working on autopilot because you have laser focused on the EXACT strategies you know will work like clockwork.

Well, you don't have to imagine any more.  Because during this one-time-only LIVE Online Video Seminar, GKIC Chief Marketing Strategist Dave Dee will reveal the precise action steps you need to take to literally “Open the Floodgates” to an unending stream of highly qualified prospects and leads eager to buy specifically from YOU.  Here's just a taste of what he’ll reveal:


  1. The Ever-Changing Parthenon of Lead Generation and how to solve the challenge of dealing with today's seemingly infinite number of media and technology choices.
  2. Secrets to getting way down inside the heart, mind, and soul of your most PERFECT customer... forget scratching the surface and merely guessing, you'll understand this person at their most Core Level and the hidden reasons they either say YES or NO when facing any buying decision.
  3. The 3 Things you MUST have in place before investing a nickel into ANY kind of lead generation campaign... if you fail to have these ready to roll before flipping the switch you could very well see serious DEE-Nero going up in flames!
  4. The BIG 15 - the pillars of Lead Generation that you MUST understand and leverage in order to attract the greatest number of perfect customers - critical that you focus your energy on these and not anywhere else.
  5. How to overcome and make totally irrelevant the one, BIG UGLY PROBLEM facing every business owner / entrepreneur when it comes to lead generation.
  6. And a whole lot more besides!
I Want a Gusher of Qualified Traffic. Save Me A Spot NOW!